Blogging, take two

Almost half a year later, and only now do I write my second post. Well, at least I’ve managed to set things up to my liking. Let’s pray that I keep the ball rolling this time.

Motivations for blogging

Before I begin writing any of the “real” blog posts, I figured that I should know why I’m doing this first, and what better way to do so than by blogging about it!

Share knowledge

The internet today has vast amounts of knowledge. Still, I often encounter common problems with no good answers to be found, or perhaps they’re just scattered around various hard to find places. I want to write those answers that I wish were written, in order to help others in a similar situation.

There are already many other blogs on the internet, but I think I can still contribute something original and valuable. Besides, given how much I learn from various blogs, it only seems fair to give back by doing the same.

Learn new things

Whenever I write, I will need to research on the topic and explore the current state of affairs. Doing so will help me develop a deeper understanding of the topic and also ensure the accuracy of the content.

Another a source of learning is the comments section. By sharing ideas, I also hope to spark discussions from people coming from different backgrounds and experiences, which would widen my perspective.

Improve my writing

Writing is actually one of those things I didn’t enjoy so much initially. Later on, I found it quite fun to do when given enough freedom. One of the things enjoyable about writing is how it allows you to express yourself. It’s a very powerful tool for sharing ideas, something I want to master.

Unfortunately, I’m also rather slow when it comes to writing. This means that blogging will be rather time consuming for me, so I’m hoping that doing so regularly would train me to not only write better, but to also write faster.

Improve my thinking

One of the best things about writing, is that it helps me understand my thoughts much more clearly. Whenever I keep thoughts stuck in my head, everything seems to be fine and dandy. But upon writing things down, suddenly all the holes pop up and everything collapses.

Writing gives a better grasp of the whole picture, which allows me to see how different ideas relate to each other. This also forces me to organize thoughts in a more structured and logical form, and to deal with any inconsistencies lingering around.

Build an image

Okay, you got me. I’ll be honest with you. If I manage to build an audience on this blog, it could really help my other (future) projects get exposure and grow. Blogging may also open me up to a couple of work opportunities, which would be especially handy given that I don’t have a LinkedIn account.

Things to avoid

There’s a bunch of annoying things I’ve seen other blogs do, and I’d really like this blog to not imitate them.

First, no ads or pop-ups. Yeah, I hate them too! Besides, I doubt I’d earn much. RSS (technically, Atom) feeds will be available for those who want to follow, and I’m also thinking of maybe announcing some posts on Twitter. By the way, do newsletter sign-ups actually work for blogs?

Second, no clickbait. You know what I’m talking about. No exaggerations or hyperbole. No attempts to shock or mislead you. No questions either. Just good old-fashioned boring but informative titles.

Lastly, and most importantly, no fluff! Although not every post here will be considered as “quality content”, none of them should ever be fluff or ill-informed. I’ll really need to put effort in writing the right things, and making sure it’s worth sharing.

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